Literature of War

Literature of War is an English elective that will take you through an exploration of wars that have altered the world and our society.  The course will focus on some the United States’ major conflicts of the twentieth century. Beginning with Remarque’s famous WWI novel All Quiet on the Western Front, we will focus on the “ordinary soldier”.  Also, James Jones’ The Thin Red Line (major motion picture) and Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five are novels that will delve inside the minds of soldiers and search for the meaning of war.  We will conclude the term with Bao Ninh’s The Sorrow of War, which is a novel told from the perspective of a North Vietnamese soldier and how the war changed his life.  If there is time at the end of the term, we will try to study the Gulf War and today’s War on Terrorism.

I expect everyone to stay on top of the reading and to contribute to the class discussions regularly.  Writing is a large component of the course.  You will be asked to write an essay for each of the texts along with shorter writing assignments to supplement the reading.  As always, please be on time and respect the class.  You are all seniors, so I should not have to review classroom rules and procedures.

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Madness in Literature

Madness in Literature is an English elective that will study the human mind and its intricacies.  Two of the big questions of the course is what causes madness and how do we define it?  You will read a variety of text that will blow your mind away, and hopefully you will be able to answer these questions.  The texts will be challenging and will make you feel uncomfortable at times; however, through reading these texts you will experience the lives of some disturbed people.

My expectations for the course are quite simple.  You are all seniors, so I do not believe I need to spend time discussing classroom behavior and protocol…. I hope!  My most basic rule is respect.  Respect yourself, your peers, the classroom, and me.  Writing is a major component of the course.  I will ask you to write an essay for each of the texts along with shorter writing assignments to supplement the readings.  There will be reading quizzes and some projects that will assist your study of madness.  I hope everyone will feel comfortable enough to participate frequently in order to create intriguing class discussions.

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Sophomore English

Sophomore English is a year long course that takes students on a journey through all genres of literature.  Along the way students will improve critical thinking, reading, and writing that are essential life skills.  We will study short stories, poetry, novels, drama, and essays over the course of the year.  Students will be assessed on their formal and informal writing, objective and subjective quizzes, tests, and participation.

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I created this blog to help manage the class and connect you with your peers and possible people around the world.  I am assuming that most of you are familiar with blogs since most of today’s mainstream media operates some kind of a blog.  If you do not know what a blog is, you should pay attention to the following.  A blog is social networking tool that will allow you to communicate your ideas, questions, and opininons with me and your peers.  Blogs are created to make connections with people throughout the world that share your interests.  I hope that all of you share a common interest in English and will expand your social network with this blog!

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