Sophomore Summer Reading Assignment

If you did the summer reading, you have the option of receiving extra credit for your hard work.  After reading Of Mice and Men, think about the following questions, choose one, and write a two page response to the question.  This assignment will be due Friday, October 3rd.

1. Discuss George’s actions at the end of the novel. How can we justify what he does to Lennie? How can we condemn it?
2. Discuss Steinbeck’s descriptions of the natural world. What role does nature play in the novel’s symbolism?
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Literature of War Essay Topics

Essay Topics:

1. In what ways does the novel critique the romantic rhetoric of war, honor, and patriotism? How might this critique extend to nineteenth-century ideas of nationalism? Think especially about the soldiers’ reaction to Kantorek’s letter.

2.What is Paul like as a character? Has the brutality of war completely stripped away his humanity, or does he retain vestiges of his old self?

3. Discusses the ways in which Erich Maria Remarque uses the setting to explore important ideas in All Quiet On The Western Front.

This essay will be due on Wednesday, Oct. 1st.  Hand in a hard copy at the beginning of class.

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Sophomore Vocabulary #3

1. Expiation

2. Putative

3. Querulous

4. Allusion

5. Propriety

6. Lugubrious

7. Palliation

8. Repudiated

9. Ennoble

10. Degradation

11. Insubordination

12. Consternation

13. Intrepidity

14. Tedious

15. Demure

16. Perilous

17. Solemn

18. Appurtenances

19. Desuetude

20. Serenity

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Madness in Literature

For Friday’s class, I want everyone to meet in the library to discuss essay topics for the novel.  As a class you should narrow your list down to three topics from which you will have to write about one of the topics next week.  When you choose the topics, everyone should submit a comment to this post sharing some ideas about each topic.

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Soldier Diaries

Please submit your diary entries to this posting.

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Choke Essay Topics

If everyone can cut and paste their essay topic discussions to this post, I would appreciate it.  Feel free to respond to your peers’ ideas.

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Assignments, May 11-15

Sophomore English

Monday, May 11: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Read pages 6-27.

Tuesday, May 12: Discussion of the reading– Homework: Work on your essay revision

Wednesday, May 13: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Read pages 27-42.

Thursday, May 14:  – Homework: Read pages 43-72.

Friday, May 15: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Finish the play.

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Choke Review

Please write a review of the novel.  I understand we have not finished the novel, but we are almost there.  Read teh New York Times article and the Washington Post article about the novel and movie.  Feel free to cite these articles in your review.

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Sophomore Vocab #2

  1. Avocation
  2. Ascertainable
  3. Arduous
  4. Abrogation
  5. Malediction
  6. Usurpation
  7. Superfluous
  8. Alacrity
  9. Pernicious
  10. Ignominiously
  11. Sentry
  12. Passivity
  13. Perplexity
  14. Eccentricities
  15. Deshabille
  16. Decorous
  17. Pallid
  18. Dubious
  19. Benevolently
  20. Abated
  21. Vagrant
  22. Expiation
  23. Putative
  24. Diminutive
  25. Facetiousness
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Choke #1

Please provide a detailed response to this weekend’s reading.  Write a one paragraph response and respond to at least two of your peers.

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