Sorrow of War In Class 10/31

Think about passages from the novel that have left an impression in your mind.  Please describe the passage and explain why this passage is significant or important regarding your understanding of the novel.

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Notes From Underground Essay Topics

Please publish your essay topics to this post.  I would like everyone to collaborate their ideas. The more you collaborate, the easier it will be to get the “wheels turning” for this assignment.

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Sophomore Essay #2

Once you have narrowed your essay topic, I would like you to publish your ideas to this blog posting.  I would also like you to read some of your peers’ ideas and give them feedback about their topics.  The beginning stage of this essay will be collaborative; however, once you have finalized your topic and have begun the writing process, you will work independently.

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Notes From Underground Essay Topics

1.    Some critics see the Underground Man as insane, while others see him as a fairly lucid—if maladjusted—observer of society and his place within it. Evaluate the Underground Man’s sanity, using concrete examples from the text.

2.    Dostoevsky had a great talent for showing his readers the world through the confused eyes of his characters. How does he use this ability to heighten, rather than diminish, the sense of realism in the novel?

3.    The Underground Man abhors the way in which progressive thinkers of his era worship reason, but he does not necessarily totally reject reason outright. Discuss his attitude toward reason and logic. What value does he assign to logical, rational thinking, and how does he make use of it? For a starting point, pick a passage and begin your discussion with a close reading.

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Sorrow of War

Based on what you have read of Sorrow of War, campare the novel to one of the other texts that we have read in the class.  What are the similarities and what are the differences?  Do you see common themes or styles of writing between the two texts?  Share your thoughts and respond to at least two of your peers’ comments.

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What do you know about the Vietnam Conflict and what information did you discover in class?  Try to creat a solid informational background for yourself before begining the novel.

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The Bell Jar

Brainstorm Writing Topic Ideas.

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Slaughterhouse-Five Essay Topics

As a class, you are to collaborate your ideas on what to write about for this novel.  Each of you should brainstorm ideas that you are interested in, then as a class, we will discuss which are the best.

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The Bell Jar #1

Please write a review of chapters 14 and 15 of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. During these chapters, there is a transisiton in Esther’s character.  I want you to identify the transition and try to explain it to the best of your ablity based your careful readings.  Also, make sure your read your peers’ reviews and respond to at least two of your peers, giving them helpful feedback or further insight into their ideas.

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Slaughterhouse- Five in class writing

1. Explain the theme “the illusion of free-will” in the novel.

2. Discuss some of the consequences of the Tralfamadorioan view of the universe and humans.

3. Is this really an anti-war novel about the fire bombing of Dresden?

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