Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics

Romeo and Juliet Essay Topics (Due Monday, April 20)

Discuss the theme of love.  Depending on what generation the characters belong to, love is interpreted in different ways.  Examine love and determine whether it is illegitimate and the downfall of Romeo and Juliet or if it is inspirational and illustrates the purity of youth.

Examine Friar Lawrence and the Nurse.  You can compare these characters to the feuding parents of Romeo and Juliet. What is their role in the play? What is Shakespeare’s purpose behind these characters? Is there a message he is trying to send his audience?

Examine the role of women in the play. There is a clear distinction between genders throughout the play.

Romeo and Juliet are referred to as “star-cross’d lovers”. Discuss the concept of destiny and how it relates to the play.

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Romeo and Juliet

What I would like you to do for this assignment is to analyze Romeo and Juliet as characters.  Throughout the plan you should look back on these two characters and try to discover what made them fall in love. What mistakes did they make?  Did they do anything that you agree with?  Once we are finished reading the play, we will discuss the downfall of Romeo and Juliet, so it is okay to formulate ideas or theories on their downfall. You have to entire class to respond to the question. Please type, print and hand in the assignment by the end of the class.

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