Movie Review

Please write a movie review for Girl, Interrupted.  Write about the movie in relation to the novel and whether or not the director did a good job translating the text onto the big screen.

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Notes From Underground Essay Topics

Please publish your essay topics to this post.  I would like everyone to collaborate their ideas. The more you collaborate, the easier it will be to get the “wheels turning” for this assignment.

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Notes From Underground Essay Topics

1.    Some critics see the Underground Man as insane, while others see him as a fairly lucid—if maladjusted—observer of society and his place within it. Evaluate the Underground Man’s sanity, using concrete examples from the text.

2.    Dostoevsky had a great talent for showing his readers the world through the confused eyes of his characters. How does he use this ability to heighten, rather than diminish, the sense of realism in the novel?

3.    The Underground Man abhors the way in which progressive thinkers of his era worship reason, but he does not necessarily totally reject reason outright. Discuss his attitude toward reason and logic. What value does he assign to logical, rational thinking, and how does he make use of it? For a starting point, pick a passage and begin your discussion with a close reading.

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The Bell Jar #1

Please write a review of chapters 14 and 15 of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. During these chapters, there is a transisiton in Esther’s character.  I want you to identify the transition and try to explain it to the best of your ablity based your careful readings.  Also, make sure your read your peers’ reviews and respond to at least two of your peers, giving them helpful feedback or further insight into their ideas.

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Assignments, May 11-15

Sophomore English

Monday, May 11: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Read pages 6-27.

Tuesday, May 12: Discussion of the reading– Homework: Work on your essay revision

Wednesday, May 13: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Read pages 27-42.

Thursday, May 14:  – Homework: Read pages 43-72.

Friday, May 15: Discussion of the reading – Homework: Finish the play.

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Choke Review

Please write a review of the novel.  I understand we have not finished the novel, but we are almost there.  Read teh New York Times article and the Washington Post article about the novel and movie.  Feel free to cite these articles in your review.

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Choke #1

Please provide a detailed response to this weekend’s reading.  Write a one paragraph response and respond to at least two of your peers.

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Madness in Literature

Madness in Literature is an English elective that will study the human mind and its intricacies.  Two of the big questions of the course is what causes madness and how do we define it?  You will read a variety of text that will blow your mind away, and hopefully you will be able to answer these questions.  The texts will be challenging and will make you feel uncomfortable at times; however, through reading these texts you will experience the lives of some disturbed people.

My expectations for the course are quite simple.  You are all seniors, so I do not believe I need to spend time discussing classroom behavior and protocol…. I hope!  My most basic rule is respect.  Respect yourself, your peers, the classroom, and me.  Writing is a major component of the course.  I will ask you to write an essay for each of the texts along with shorter writing assignments to supplement the readings.  There will be reading quizzes and some projects that will assist your study of madness.  I hope everyone will feel comfortable enough to participate frequently in order to create intriguing class discussions.

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